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Hola guys! Yep! 2 weeks left to the Winter Break. Honestly, I really can’t wait. December is always been my favorite month, birthdays, Christmas, holidays, New Year, I mean..who doesn’t love December! The projects we have loads up fast and I’m spending my weekends getting rid of them..I mean, working on them of course. As the time gets nearer to the break me and sis try to plan things out for what to do in the break, and looking for parades or parks or anything or anyplace for hunt photos as well. We’ll see how it goes.

As for life drawing this week, I went pretty hardcore, I spent 6 newsprint pads for this week only. Here are some that I like..for now.

1 minute

2 minutes

3 minutes

5 minutes

10 minutes

And faces! Hahah.. I didn’t draw a lot of them lately cause I’m really working on my life drawing.. keep changing style and practice stuff.

This one’s pretty fresh, I just finished it yesterday as my last painting assignment in the first term.

It was all about combining all the things we learned in the first term, basic shapes, shades, lightning, drapery shit lol, I’m just no good at that stuff..drapery, sigh. We’re going to get into faces and models on painting on the second term, and luckily a friend told me that there’s the extra painting for models every weekend for illustration students. I guess I have to sneak in to get some exercise now.

Nothing much from my own personal sketchbook this week, cause I was to busy with assignments. But here’s one.

For December sake!~ hahhaa, a random retarded moose that I actually use for Christmas card assignment, but not like this. I’m going to upload it as soon as I get it back later haha..

And oh, last thing, I just found this collage that I used to do back in 2010, it’s an unfinished project actually, I don’t remember what happened but yea, I found this last week when I was organizing my hard disk lol.

Click for more details :)

What are you guys planning for your break??

Happy December, cheers!