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Hi guys, this post will be my last post in this 2009. What do you think of 2009? Do you have a good time? Do you got sweet memories? Falls? Rises? I’ve been through many things in 2009, we have I know.

So…. tomorrow, the 31st of December, last of the year, and my month ;p hehe.. I will attend a New Year party tomorrow. We’re gonna have so much fun. Music, drinks, dances and many things more. What do you guys do for New Year? =]

Okay, off the line. Yesterday. I. Got. My. Camera.
I went to the camera shop with my dad, he bought me Canon EOS 500D and stuffs, it’s for birthday present by the way haha..~ well, well, finally, a DSLR. Awwwhh.. I feel like I’m going to cry. j/k j/k.
I’m currently reading about photography techniques, tips and tricks from some webs, and I really enjoy it =]

Noowww… I’ll give you a little sneak peak for the next post, the 1st post for 2010 😀 The sneak peak of where-I-do-my-traditional-arts. So, I’ll catch ya guys later! Have fun!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!