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First of all, happy new year to you all! We all survived from the sweet bitter 2011, 2012 shouldn’t be that hard to survive. it’s 3 more days of holiday left for me, winter break’s almost over! Thank God many of my sister and many of my friends made my holiday interesting and keeping me busy all the time… except some days that I spent at home laying around and surf the internet all day. I need those days. This post I’ll be having some things that I want to share, so it’s gonna be a long one, bare with me. I think it’s due to my laziness for updating the blog..

I spent my new year eve with sister, we went to the downtown in out town, they had skating performances, live bands and stuff, the fireworks weren’t as I expected but the live bands are pretty good. The New Cities and Stereos we’re performing, first time watching live bands and I never heard of them at first. Well, awkwards? Naawh!


Yeppp, I’m getting my ass back taking pictures, finally! Practicing with monochromes. Can’t remember the last time I’m using black and white really..

Anyway, moving on! Secondly, this is the announcement I wanted to make from yesterday.. PRINTS!! If you read my last post about the clown series, and if you realize that there’s a  new link of Etsy on the right side of the page.. Yep! They’re now up for prints on Etsy online art shop! So if any of you guys are interested, go!

Third! It’s about today, I went to hunt some photos with my friends to Toronto, we started the hunt at 12ish pm and finished at 7pm, we were walking all the time and now actually I almost can’t feel my feet. But it was really fun and worth it. We had some good shots to bring home and learn new things. Here are the shots I got.

Meet my friends..

David and Pallavi

Lassssttt and the most exciting announcement to make.. Me and David, are running a street fashion blog on Tumblr right now, not re-blogging things but we actually taking the pictures of strangers who have interesting styles ourself. We just start to run it just now and it already shows good karma in the blog. Click on the picture below to go to the blog. The-Un-Naked.

And yes, that’s David. Go follow our blog!