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School is done, finally, couldn’t wait for this break before but now having it, I ended up still going to school to work on my own personal stuff. Oh well, no matter how you don’t like the studio, at least now it’s empty whenever I work there, so, no distractions. Five of my friends left the house to go back home or holiday, the house now feels so empty, though some of here still so I don’t feel lonely, not as I would anyways… *wipes tears*.

Right, get going, I have a bunch of arts that I want to update, animation is one. This is the last animation assignment we had to do, expression changes.

Scout Expression Change from Bakkanekko on Vimeo.

Yey for those who recognize him! Scout from Team Fortress, have been playing it a bit more lately beside playing League and CS, yeye, more games (I genuinely feel happy, not trying to feel sad about myself here >: [ ). My days have been filled with sleep, games, gym, sleep, and did I mention sleep? Clock is only a wall decoration now, my days usually starts at 2PM and ends at 6AM… yep, life.

Anyways, here are some of Edwardian Era studies I had to do for layout class, I had so much fun doing these.




Yes you’re damn right, I did tone my ‘studies’. Remember the Mustangs’ interiors I did on this post? HAH. I cleaned them and toned them all.


And this is the our last layout project, we had to grab one of the layout we did for our last assignment and make it into a sequence consist of 3 different shots.

Hahha, I really enjoyed doing this ‘movie snapshots’, I might do more of these in the future.

More developments from the previous post of my character, I colored them.

And I have caricature batches to go but I haven’t finish toning them, just, a tiny little bit more.. Next post! 😉


Here are some of my paintings for the class.

Yes I did digitally painted this one, but… hehe, I got lazy making a new layout so, yah, I watercolored this.

Gonna try to improve my painting a LOT next term!! >_>


Alright, I think those are all, I’ll post my caricatures next post, and gonna work on personal stuff since I have the time.