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Heyaa people! What’s up, what’s up! I’m in reading week, I still go to school to go to extra life drawing classes apparently (hell yea, I’m a good student) but I skipped it two days ago. Me and sis went to Toronto to meet up with the Indonesian that live in Canada. I didn’t know there were so many of them, I only knew a couple of them, tsk. We watched the last series of Paranormal Activity which is the third. Lucky me and sis had a (streaming) movie marathon of Paranormal Activity series before, the first, and the 2 seconds, yes there are two twos, there’s a Japanese (Tokyo) version of it.

I spent the day walking the downtown and took pictures, I really love Toronto because its urban-ish look and it’s such a busy town, unlike the place where I live haha.. Remind me a little of Jakarta, always crowded and busy.

Watch out, huge gallery!


I really really love taking pictures of the night scenes, but I couldn’t do much cause of the rain, it was pretty heavy sadly.

Short story about today, I and my friends went to the zoo to draw some animals for our portfolio thing, I’ll upload the sketches on the next post since this one’s already pretty loaded.. but yea, here’s a proof haha~

They were trying to sketch with muttons on cause it was freezing. Me? I gave up and take this picture instead.


Anyway, finally some photos huh! Stay up for the next update guys! Cheers!