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Now I’m going to introduce you 2 amazing artist I know.
First of all, fan art! Yes, I draw fan art too :)

Drawn with Sai, edited in Photoshop Cs3
Character by Mitchell Nelson
Art by me


His name is Metus (a latin word for ‘fear’) , an original character made by a talented young artist from UK.

Metus is made for his short illustration novel.
You can read it here

No comment for his paintings and his photography skills, he is a brilliant artist. I mean that.

You can see more of his art on his website.


(and lastly..)

An open minded girl from Indonesia (no, not me lol) who lives in US, make this blog called Scholar Berry, contains?
Well, it’s ALL about books, books and books. Books reviews, books recommendations, author’s interviews, you named it.
If you’re a bookworm (like me), feel free to check her blog out.
She herself is a brilliant poet and writer, I found her poems are different from the others and I really really enjoy it.

This is one of her poem I like from her deviantArt

+ i n s o m n i a +

by ~ScholarBerry

He tossed and turned over Night’s edge.
With no protection, just cradled by blaring thunders;
His heart beats,
His mind blank.
The girl whispers of love.

His ears swell shut, afraid of rejection.
Never knowing of what’s ahead,
He sits still, clutching the stars close to him,
Not noticing the hands,
Waiting for him to crawl for safety.

The Shadows’ flakes fly,
Upon his eyes, baring consciousness every waking night.
His eyes closed but he need not count sheep,
For the image of blood
Imprinted to his core.

She watches him silently,
Quietly, with no cry she lets her eyes rain.
Afraid to embrace him;
For he might shatter
To smithereens.

I hope these guys inspire you :)