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Did I told you if I’m moving this month? To new house :”)

Well, my mom was cleaning the warehouse this morning, and she found an SLR (?) wait, is it?
I was so excited, but, my dad just told me to sell it : P
He said, using film’s not good enough, you cannot edit them in PC or take a view on the camera on what you just took, that’s right, but I though it’s good for practice cause they only got one shot! T.T you can’t undo/delete right. But I guess he’s right, I don’t think it’s not good, I like it -.- though, he said he would buy me an SLR someday ;__; maaannn whaen is that ‘someday’?

Look! :”D do you realized something?
The watermark, haha.. my little brother took this shot a few weeks ago, it’s a street cat, maybe a narcissist one, because it didn’t even move when my brother tried to take a shot of it!

I’m the editor of this picture, Dylan can’t use Photoshop things. So, it’s still under my name, A LITTLE lol! xD for the editor only~

By the way, Jambam just gave me a blog award! :”D

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

This is my first award for blogging, this will motivate me to keep on blogging. Thank you once again!

I should pass this award to few people that have awesome blogs! 😀

~ casseybunn

I wish they got my happy blogging influence <3