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Long drawings are badass! Hahaa.. As you can see I’ve been raping my sketchbook these two days. Having fun practicing my speed sketch on animals. Now what I mean on speed sketch is, every animals drawn about 5-30 minutes. Yeaaaa I drew them like scribble-scribble-scribble-barbaric-way lol.

The sketchbook here are too tempting, so I have to practice, draw draw draw and so I can buy the new one. Genius.

I now I’ve been bragging that I want to go to school so much, I just get too damn bored at home. I never remember having this feeling since the first time I went to Junior High School. Where the weekends are not that holy and needed that much haha.. Anyway, I plan to run everyday now, so I don’t get sick easily to not become food’s slave yeyeaa..!!


Darn.. I’m craving for Pogo sticks.. I’ll see you guys on the next post.