Posted by on Sep 28, 2009 in art |

‘I blow my feelings up, just for you to know how I feel about you.’

‘I see love, it’s upside down…. too bad I never been there before’

Yes, more art. I’ve been trying hard to sketch something in this weeks, I do some drawings and I’m sooooo… slow, so I sketch these just for letting you know I’m still here, alive.

School’s already start, and next week we got a mid-term test, a whole full week, geez, awesome, can’t wait O: I hope I’m not gonna distracted by internet, OH I forget, it’s not about it, it’s about YOU guys, and your blogs. Ooohh… I think I still can find an hour for checking on your blogs and comments :3 haha..

Alright, I’m planning to make an auction for these two sketches, but, I still don’t now how to send them trough post without getting them crumpled (sorry, I never do it before, all I know was email, poor me)

So, I’ll be back with surprise in the next post later! 😀 I promise~ xD