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Well, that was a sophisticated word to use.. it’s basically animal that acts like human, or close to that lol.. The latest character design class we had to do one for character timeline, make one character and stretch their life step by step from baby, child, teenager, adult and oldage. I had a lot of fun doing it since I don’t really draw lots of animals for character before, now I can practice and pretend I’m making a character for video game or some sort, inspirited by one of my favourite games Final Fantasy..

Click to see the bigger version!

I’ve been super busy lately with commission project and helping 4th year film on top of my own school works, I even stop drawing for work for a while to catch up. Every single minute in my mind has just been about work, work, work, work, food, work, work.. sigh.. but one more month! Can’t wait for summer, I’m just looking forward for sleep, working out and working on my own project and practice in my own time. I’m gonna go back to my work place too to the actual office, gonna work full time all working day, back and forth Toronto again eeerrrdaayy! MEH. But money! Good money means I can move in to Oakville last month of the summer, at least that’s the plan!

I just got back from the school zoo trip just now actually, we’ll have our animal portfolio next week, and we only had 4 hours to draw the animals today, it was freezing cold and snowing and most of the animals weren’t even there. So fed up of walking around the zoo and not seeing a lot of animals.. at least I saw a hyena though :DD me and 2 of my good friends ended up staying a bit more til the zoo closed and we went downtown to get dinner. That was fun.

Now I’m here, got home, showered, pujamas, updating blog before doing work………………. gonna be a long night!

Gonna update soon with animation stufffff!!

Oh, it’s the first day of spring in Canada and it snowed a loooottt earlier, yep, just as expected, Canada!