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Now let’s get down to the arts..
Bored during classes? Doodle doodle doodle and more doodle.

“Jumpy Panda”
Dancing panda with cottons coming out from his back.

Keep your mind positive, think forward, straight forward, forget all the stumbling stones.
Go to hell with the troubles you get at the time, loose yourself, dance.

(Pen sketch)

“Happy Factor”
An apple candy what he lick.

Sometimes you don’t need a reason to be happy.

(Pen Sketch)

These doodles are easier for me to let my expression out, expressing my idea and stuffs you know.
Fun to draw, fast and simple.
These’ll make an awesome series one day, I hope, lol.


Right, now, a little bit serious talk and shares.
It’s about classic controversial that everybody talks about from ages up until now. It’s about religion.
Now now, first thing first, I’m an open minded person, I don’t really care what you belief in or what your religion is, I mean, at least you’re not a fanatics, I love you.

Belief, faith, religion, it’s all good if you have something in belief in.
How about Atheist? Now that’s a different belief, another different faith. There’s nothing wrong with it.
Everyone has the right to choose what they want to believe. You can have faith in anything you like, that’s why they called it faith, there’s no boundaries tells you to have faith in God, believe in anything you want! Sun, stone, chair, people, dog, frog, literally, a-ny-thing.

Now, this is about a person I know, he’s my own teacher; he teaches the-religion-subject (I’m not sure there’s religion subject in other countries @_@). And he’s a fanatic.
This is where the problem is, everyone in class were like, bored to death when he starts to talk. The way he talks always offends Atheist,  and irritates me since i’m a free thinker and well, I think more logically. Now, I’m not denying God or The Creator or something, but I hope he realizes and start to respect other people’s belief.

How’s your view about this?