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For anyone who know what Atomic Lollipop (A-Pop)  is, yesss! I’m gonna be there this weekend! :)

For those who doesn’t, it’s basically an anime/game convention. I’ve never been to, nor other anime/comic conventions before. It’ll be my first time, and gonna have a table there too!

So, it’s been a while since I abandoned my blog ahha, you can tell I’ve been relaxing over the summer. Not working at the moment, just doing personal studies and preparing for conventions. I’m gonna have a table in Fan Expo too in August later, so that’ll be a big one. This summer feels a little bit faster than the pasts since I’m not working, which is good, sometimes I feel like I missed school already…..ha..ha..ha.. you think I’m gonna say that? But yah, a tiiiinnyy bit.

So here are the artworks that I’m gonna print out on Wednesday later. I actually made another Chopper print but half way working on it the file crashed xD and it was a pretty big one. I thought I won’t finish it if I was gonna redo it, but I’ll save that one for Fan Expo!




I have no small prints at the moment, but I will have some as Fan Expo coming later! Also I’m planning to make some stickers. Hopefully this first one going to be a good experience :)