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Yay, I just got back from my study tour, we went to Central Java, Solo, Semarang, for 5 days. We spent 2 nights at hotels, and the rest in bus. Very tiring, but whoah, all the schedules, friends, fun, are really worth it.

It was also a time for me to practice my photography skill, I had a lot of time, and my friends were all narcissists, so, *giggles* lucky me ;D

We went to Prambanan Temple, uuh… I don’t know if you know this temple but, it’s quiet a huge famous temple. My class had this homework, kinda become a tour guide, stupid one yeah, because the teacher told us to become an English-speakers-tour-guide. And bah.. it turns hella funny, we blabbed like oh my God lol.

Well, well.. here’s some photos from study tour. I hope you guys doing alright. I’m so sorry for missing so many posts from you. I’ll work hard for my blogs again, you too! Fighting! xD

I have plenty pretty of pretty girls in my class haha~

And this one.. hehe.. I play around with my friend’s picture xDD

LOL! They’re not gay though, just fooling and joking hahaa..
They saw this picture already.
I’m NOT a homophobia or gay haters. I have many gay friends, I love them =]

Hope you enjoy this post!

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