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Just as the title says, no life in real life, I’ve been very busy at school lately, school works are pilling up, brutally, good thing I manage to finish most of them yesterday so now I can have a Sunday, gonna watch Tekkon Kinkreet again soon this day haha. These are some of the life drawings I did from the previous week and this week. Didn’t got a lot of good ones, still warming up and try to really study it as much as I can.


I have a bunch of things that I want to show but they’re all still in the process so I don’t even bother. I met a talented friend too and he drew me my characters from the past up til the newest, but he doesn’t have any blog or so to link back so I can’t upload it yet, or maybe I will if I got his permission or so, I’ll see.

So, not gonna say much on this post, I’m looking forward to this art book store that always come twice per semester to school to open a branch INFRONT of the school. YES, tell me how am I suppose to save money this year, this is gonna be terrible “‘OTL ..

I’m gonna upload my final character on the next post, so look forward to it!