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‘The Beef’
Tools: SAI, Photoshop Cs5

Woof! Woof! So what’s up everybody? How’s your 2011 so far?

For me, I’m all good, new year, new fresh mind, new friends, new experience, new arts. So yea, he’s Beef, our pet, a pit-bull. He’s still a year and a half years old I guess, he’s charming, strong, funny, cute, smart…maniac..crazy..ok, you got the idea. About the smart though, I’m really serious.

So, today I’m going to share you about Beef’s fun facts!

> He can ask for food by lifting his right paw in sitting condition and he make a cute face so we can’t say no to him, evil I know;

> When my mom says the word ‘bath’ or ‘towel’, he’ll run upstairs like crazy and bring a towel, he thought he’s going to be in a shower soon;

> Every time my mom got home from grocery, Beef run outside to welcome her, he pulls the motorcycle key from the motorcycle itself, and bite one of the grocery bag, runs wildly into the kitchen, waiting for us to give him his treat;

> He likes to play..rock? A real rock, he’s just takes it from our front yard and play it like it’s a rubber ball, this is a weird habit;

> He’s always want to help! When it’s raining, he went upstairs and pulls the laundry that hanged.. man;

> He’s quite a model, I think he’s used to the camera, I always take photo of him, and I think he enjoy it -.-

Okay, I’ll stop here. You’re turn, if you have a pet, whatever it is, write it’s facts down below! I’d love to read it! :)