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Greetings! Quick update! It’s pretty late here, it’s about 2.50 am and I got to wake at 8 to go to Toronto. Going to Artist Project Exhibition to take photos and chill with friends! Woot! I’m excited for tomorrow, and for this post, I’ve been editing this drawing since earlier and I like how it turned out.

Stop motion on the work in progress lol! The drawing itself’s pretty big, 19 by 9. It’s suppose to be an assignment, but I just overdid it so I can make it as my personal. Here is where Photoshop did it’s magic!

Beef on poster! Hahaha..

Alright, aside from that, I’m on my reading week right now, had a pretty intense break since I got to hand in three portfolios, handed in two, one more to go on Saturday. I’m not gonna upload my portfolios until I know if I get accepted or not hah! It’ll be someday around March I guess.

I still have some stuff to upload but I’ll save it for the next post. Ta ta for now!