Posted by on May 12, 2009 in Life | 6 comments

Hi there! :)
Sooo.. it’s been a long day, I’ve got 3 days of holiday, again.
We went to Lampung-Sumatra, a wedding thing. I didn’t know that I have many many many families I didn’t know before. We have a very big family gather around, it was almost like 100 people. FAMILY only. bah, crazy.

I did enjoy the trip, but it was a little bit boring. I didn’t now many people. And it’s not like the usual party I go, it’s more “close”, our family is Chinese, and they’re still strict to their old culture, yeah, they’re old fashioned people :”D

Well, other than that, 2 days left for holidays, I’ll spent my time with violin and study..AAAND blogging =.= I’ll have test for next full week damn, I need luck~

It’s 2:30AM now, and I’m dead hungry TTATT