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Yes, today, 21st of THE December, is my birthday :)

My brother and I invite some friends for a little party <3 yes..
My brother’s birthday is at the 23th, only 2 days delay, so we celebrate it today hahah 😀

Last night, my family and I went to watch The Avatar 3D yaya.. we got back home on 12:30am. We got home, I went to the bath room to wash up, an then I went upstairs to get some rest, and BAAAAH!! My sister and brother gave me quiet a shock by shouting Happy Birthday. Wow. I was surprised. Very.

They got me some present. O___O From the box, I knew it already what it was. GGGAAAAAHHHH!!!

OMG!! I always wanted this! O_O
But it was toooooo expensive to me, so I didn’t even dare to buy it, I’ll broke if I buy them D:
Aaarrghh! Thank you guys!! Love you!

Okay, that was a little flash back.
Back to the party, my mom made sushi and stuff 😀

About the strawberries? haha.. we got the choco fountain ;D

Late at night, me and a few of my friends who still stay, having fun with pictures, here are they!

Lol, that’s me and Intan (she was my model, remember her?) This is so disturbing lol.

That’s my brother up there ;D

OMG wtf, I look like chipmunks lol!

Alright, it’s enough xD I’ve upload the rest to my FaceBook though~

Okay, today, I’m 18, that’s mean…….. you know what it means! ;D