Family Jam

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This is going to be another throw back post. I compiled all the pictures and videos last week and got busy, now I just got the time to post this. So, after the trip, at the end of it actually, my parents came here to visit. I was planning to go back home to visit after graduation but they decided to come here, might as well. Mom and Dad stayed for a whole month in Toronto, we had a lot of gathering and barbecue, it was a blast. Here’s the video I did, pretty much compiled what we did the most in a month haha

New family picture

New fury brother



New sister


East Coast Road Trip

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It’s been almost 5 years from the last time I had a road trip, it was 2011 when my friends and I went to this Island back home, spent a good time in a beach..that I can’t even remember quiet well where it was or what the name is, to be honest.. Though, I remember well how road trips were always such a drag when I was a kid, it’s a long ass time on the road, hot and humid weather, loonggg walks and parents’ nags all the time, I hope I’m not alone on this one. But hey, that was long time ago.

SO, Dennis and I actually did this road trip, we went from the 27th May until the 4th of June. We planned to go back on the 5th at first, but my parents came to visit and we decided to go home early and have an extra day to rest up from the holiday blue. We drive up to Montreal, Fredericton, Moncton, Halifax, Lunenburg, Chester, dropping by Quebec City and Ottawa on the way back.

As you can see the main purpose of the trip is the food hahha!

Here’s some more of the rest! :)

Thanks to Anqi for touring us in Ottawa!



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I almost forgot to update about my actual film. Been out but I haven’t shared it that much. It’s been since a kid when I always intrigued by mix media animation, 2D+3D+Photo/video. MTV used to have it a lot on their creative advertisements, not so much now, especially here in Canada. I realized a lot of people doing it more and more these days, and so I jump on board.

HANNYA from Bakkanekko on Vimeo.

This was really fun to make. I enjoy every part that I did for the film from preproduction, until compositing. Enjoy! 😀

Industry Day

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Pretty sure people are starting to get busy again after school ends. Some I know already starting their job, why.. Some are taking a break, and some are in the job hunt. Industry day was a fun experience, it went better than I thought, met a lot of people from different kind of studios, they’re all nice, and getting feedbacks from them is never a bad thing. The over all vibe was really nice, everyone was just in a high spirit and happy faces everywhere, seeing how proud they are of their hard works over this four years makes me feel warm inside. I went around to take pictures of some of their happy faces, hoping I’ll get to see them again in the future. Even though I don’t talk to everyone in the year, I still hope everyone for the best in the own career and journeys in life.


These are some lovely faces. I’ll keep this short and sweet cause my eyes are getting sweaty..


A big congratulation for everyone ! :)

School is done! Forever!

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I actually almost forgot that the school is done last week, I was telling my roommate about how I wanted to go to life drawing this week and they told me that it’s summer… So this week is going to be a relaxing one, catching up with online life (lol), watch some movies and hangout with the people I like to spend time with. I also took the time to put up some advertisements on Kijiji and my Facebook, so far I sold my violin quick and some art books. Need more money and have less possession, it’ll give me a little bit of peace later on when I have to move out. I also took down all my drawings from Inktober 2015 from my wall and scan and edit them so I could post them on Behance. I’m not gonna make a post about it since it’s old, but check them here! Click the image!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 3.57.42 PM

I had the time too to edit some pictures I took from the last hike at Forks of The Credit. It is a pretty popular area for the car scene to cruise there. Since the weather was getting warmer, people took their nice cars out and just go for drive.