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After spending the whole night and day at school yesterday, I just got back home at 4 this noon, I can’t even feel any tiredness at all now, I finally finished the last big project for life drawing class. We had to do a bone portfolio, this project started around the beginning of the semester; we were formed into groups and the professor passed us one bone per group, drawing them and switch it every 2 weeks, up til last week. And.. here it is.

(All the 4 main bones, skull, pelvis, scapula, and vertebrae were drawn from life, the rest were referenced from a book).


First theme idea from street art book, til how it looks at the end, bloody vintage bone book.. hahha

I had fun doing this to be honest, though drawing the bones can be annoying. I slacked a bit skipping the skull and pelvis, I paid it off at the end, but, never ever doing it again. Sigh. Anyways, two more things due next week, animation and layout, after that I can upload all of my animation stuff at the end. Can’t wait for christmas party and the break itself!

And oh! A little shout out for the new game Little Guy Games released the other day, called, Super Snack Time!

Go download it! And they also made the plushies out of the characters. So cute! I wish I have iPad just to play! haha..