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Tools: SAI

So how is it going for you guys? I’m trying to get myself possessed drawing, oho yes, I’m practicing my digital painting for now. It’s all because of  this forum I saw, and it got so damn much talented artist in it. THIS SITE, go to the sketchbook part, and the time warp is on.

Tools: SAI, Photoshop Cs5

Yes, yes, the colored version, I still figuring out how to color bnw, the right and comfortable way for me I mean. Still need a lot of experiment for sure. I’ll keep trying on these ‘concept art’ thing.

And I find a site that might useful for you artists; open your painting tool and this site, POSEMANIACS to practice drawing poses, have fun!

One more thing, I guess I’m going to bring down my chatbox thing, the spams are not very pleasing eyh ):