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Heya, remember I told you on the last post I was hospitalized for a full week? A week after that I went back for more, the same thing happened, I stayed for 4 days that time. I’m.. good now.. I think, I hope I think I’m right. I caught up to all of my assignments this week finally, been busy here and there and didn’t go to some classes to catch up my sleep time too lol, it’s messed up now, but getting back into the groove slowly.

So many things I’m going to post for this. Let’s just cut the crap and move on to the updates.


Wave, Boat, Sack from Bakkanekko on Vimeo.

This is the very first animation assignment we got in 2nd year, it’s suppose to be a refresher from the summer, technical and basic stuff are all here, timing, C curve, consistency, and more boring stuff lol, orz. But yah, we couldn’t use 3D for this one, should be 2D traditional or digital, I made mine on Flash.

Here is now the fun one, starting from the 2nd assignment we are all allowed to choose any medium to animate, I picked 3D, we’re using Maya for it. This is my first attempt on action animation on Maya, I have the walking animation too but haven’t rendered it yet. I’ll upload that next time.

Weight Toss from Bakkanekko on Vimeo.

I got the character from my housemate, he’s an animator himself so it’s a good thing for me, I got help from him a lot since I missed classes during I was in hospital, he helped me to catch up on animation, yee! I realize I love doing animation on 3D, even though it’s difficult and frustrating since I’m still learning the program, it, was, hella fun. Next assignment will be walk and run for 2 different character, it should be interesting :)

I caught up on my painting too, it’s an exterior painting, I’m never been great at layout stuff nor painting, but.. here it is.

Told ya..

Here are some studies from layout class, chairs, mustangs and castles.



and castles..


Here’s a new chara from character design class, haven’t name him yet, but he’s a sushi boy.



..anddd, last one, I was catching up on my life drawing class, skeletons from ROM (Royal Ontario Museum).


DONE! DONE! I think this is my biggest update I’ve ever blog so  far.. and yeaaahh, nothing from life drawing for now. Haven’t got the chance to go as often as last year..

Hope you guys enjoy it! Happy Halloween!