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What’s up, boys and girls?!
So, I’ve been super busy with life here, school and English classes. My school ended on this April!! Yaayy! We have 4 package of exams too, total it’ll be around 4 weeks of exams, 1 MONTH OF EXAM!! Aaarghh.. No time for drawing these days, not even a doodle!! Okay, maybe a tiny doodle.
Anyway, I wanted to share my last work now, it quite done about a week ago, and I just got the time to share it with you guys now.

Tools: SAI

Pokemon! Yes! I wanted to draw a scarier Pokemon makeover, but it turned out cuter…damn, I can’t draw a monster, yet.

I’m not in a good health right now, fever T_T.. I wish a happy week to you all!

Almost Valentine and Chinese New Year! Yay!