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Yepp, this is the third day since I got here. The farewell was pretty intense, 3 days of hangout in a row, plus the hard time letting my family and friends go in the airport. Many of my good friends came, I was really really really happy.

Dolls, letters and a frame, all filled in love! There’s a T-Shirt too, but it’s in the laundry haha. I didn’t expect this much from you guys. I don’t know how to thank you, I can’t never thanked enough for this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


So, I live with my sister now in one room, sharing everything. I just bought my new lappie yesterday, they gave us a printer for a bonus, and taking it home were hell!! Heavy. And today I don’t have anything special to do, just staying at home, installing programs, and writing a post for you guys.

I had the time to took a little from yesterday and today’s photos though, check this out!

I took this through a bus station glass, hence the reflection :>

And here’s my sister. Took at this morning, without any edit.I was pretty surprise that it turns out like this, the flares and the lightning, love.


Still get used to the things here. I’ll post more later. Cheers! :)