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Heya guys! I went to the CNE like I said, with my sis and one of her friend, Dhia. She’s an Indonesian too study in Canada.

At the first time I didn’t cross my mind that the CNE was going to be like Jakarta Fair/Exhibition, now I know; except the difference they had was, CNE’s like 10 times larger and merrier!! So yea, me and my sis went there by buses and met Dhia, for the first time. Toronto was not like I imagined at the first place, it was coollerrrr!! I was excited when I get there. Enough now, more pictures!

Yeah that’s my sis, the one with the tongue out! And the Exhibition!




I uploaded more on my Facebook, check it out if you want it.

I still got 2 weeks free and my sis comes and goes working, I think I’m going to open commission or something to fill the rest of my holiday, or more I hope. Well then, see ya on the next post!