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Soo.. today, you’ll be bored to death because I will give you my 100 random facts, of course it’s all about me. Ana tagged me ;D here you go!

1. I love music, though, there are some genres that I don’t like, Jazz and country. Some of them are good tho.

2. I never ever like Barbie doll, ever.

3. I play like boys, I play video games, cars, sports, bicycle.

4. I’m quite a humorist in real life. I joke a lot, I love laughing and make people laugh.

5. I’m passionate. I do all the things I like with love, pure love <3

6. I never had a boyfriend. Never think about it that seriously about boyfriends.

7. I believe in first sight love. I’ve had it, it was last for almost 7 years. I was too coward and shy.

8. I love money, thou, I never complain when I don’t have any.

9. I believe in karma.

10. My friends told their secrets to me, and I forgot them in a short time.

11. I always try to be realistic, but what can I do? I’m quite a dreamer.

12. I drink alcohol. I do love them. And my parents let me.

13. I always wish I can meet my wire friends. They are all very nice to me.

14. I’m not good at making friends, I’m too shy.

15. I hide my tears.

16. I love arts in every form. Drawing, music, tattoo, designs, etc.

17. I don’t eat eels out of nori.

18. I love caviar.

19. I eat a lot, but never get fat.

20. I had a 15 cm scar on my left stomach. Operation.

21. I always love red hair girls.

22. I like when a girl scream “AAAAHHH!!!!” better than “Kyaaaa!!!!”.

23. I don’t use dresses.

24. I never like lipsticks. A friend of my mom had put it on me when I was a kid. Bad taste, not healthy.

25. I am an animal lover.

26. I rather go to book store or game station on PC store than a mall for shopping.

27. I love learning many different things.

28. I want to go around the world!

29. I always answer ‘no’ when people ask me if I want to get marry.

30. I can’t imagine my life without internet. Internet is the best damn thing that a man could invent.

31. I’m the man behind the camera, not in front of it.

32. My drawings are better than my hand writings.

33. I love poems.

34. I don’t like liars. At all.

35. I forgive.

36. I love apples. The apple fruit. And Apple Apple. (Mac, Ipod, etc)

37. I don’t like local music.

38. I do believe, alien exist.

39. I really love people!

40. I love boy’s deep voice, very much <3

41. I love surprises.

42. When I want something, I always rush to get it.

43. I have a thing with artists and musician.

44. I love languages.

45. My mom’s cook is the best.

46. I love my life. I thanked for it.

47. Life without a dream, is like a zombie. Living dead body.

48. I love love love punk and hiphop style.

49. I love mohawks. I really do. I think mohawk is hot.

50. I don’t comb my hair. Messy’s the best.

51. I don’t like a girl that try to be cute.

52. Ai really really hate when some1 type lyke tis. I don’t think it’s cute3.

53. I love seafood.

54. I love dark hair.

55. I choose 2 pitbulls than one chihuahua. I think they’re like mice, and looks ridiculous. No offense : )

56. I use chopstick a lot.

57.  I draw spontaneously in everything. Table, book, newspaper, tissue, ciggar box, walls.

58. I love people who ask many questions in chat. That’ll give me easy time to chat, since I don’t speak to much.

59. I wakes at 9 – 11am at holiday.

60. I never had a breakfast during holiday. Always had a brunch.

61. I’m a Christian, thou, I don’t pray and I doubt God.

62. I enjoy mind games.

63. I can read a whole series of Harry Potter for 2 week top.

64. I love rain and thunder.

65. I’m really having a hard time doing this. I don’t know what to type anymore.

66. I love receiving letters and emails. Very much.

67. I don’t care about politics. I loathe it.

68. I love beatbox.

69. I don’t like kids. Only, some kids.

70. I don’t like teachers here.

71. I draw during class.

72. I forgot easily.

73. I love sweets and cakes.

74. I love coffee.

75. I’m curious.

76. I adore colors.

77. I read Twilight series. I watch Twilight movie. I’m sick of it.

78. I’m a lazy kid.

79. I quit junk food-ing.

80. I love cherries.

81. I like eye glasses.

82. I like contact lenses more.

83. My chat’s online almost 24 hour.

84. I don’t mind spending all my money for art and books.

85. I’m a gamer.

86. I don’t like high heels, but I love boots.

87. I don’t like lift. Scared me a little bit.

88. I drink milk everyday.

89. I’m too lazy to walk my dog.

90. I’m starving at nights.

91. I like phone more than text. Faster, better.

92. I can’t believe I can through this tag so far.

93. I didn’t know what I should write for the title. So I type the same as Ana’s tag.

94. I burst out loud, laughing.

95. I can wait. I’m patient.

96. I love fishing.

97. I always want to do bungee jumping.

98. I love flying.

99. I love salmons.

100. I made this tag through. Yay!

Okay. Pheew!
I do this like almost 4 hours. Really. I’m not good at bio, or about me thing like this. Lol.

Do this tag everyone! Tell me if you done with it! Let’s compare our facts! <3