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Back, back, back, this is my second post during the second term!! This is so bad, I usually manage to update my blog at least once a week, and now.. School, works and commissions have been over taking my life completely, I’m not even sure if I can say I have a social life.. outside Anyways, school’s great, I enjoy second term’s assignments, more flexible and challenging, for sure, and things seems goes faster, days pass by just like *snap* that. On the other side, work, apparently I’m slowing my pace on work since my boss said they got overwhelmed by the quantity of art/designs I gave to them so I needed to slow down, which is good, so then I can focus a liiittle bit more to school. Pssh, right. I haven’t even gone to full session of life drawing lately, I feel so terrible about it though I shouldn’t have to.

So, second term, my works in different classes have been touching the world of mouse and cheese. It was all started from a friend’s doodle on my sketchbook of this cheese headed boy, I loved it instantly and I told her that I was gonna use him for my walk cycle assignment and she let me. Ended up I redesigned him and put give him a giant mouse buddy and make it into my concept for this semester.

For animation class..

Cheese Boy Walk Cycle from Bakkanekko on Vimeo.

For layout class..

and for painting class..


Same layout?? Did I mention how lazy I am? haha.. next character class in sequence drawings, guess what? My character will be a mouse.

Until the next post, which I hope it’ll be soon..

Oh, one thing, I’m just gonna post a shout out for Reval here, it’s a new brand a friend of mine made and I’m designed the tees. Woot woot!