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I never really mention anything about my bucket list here but YES, I cliff jumped last weekend. It began with one of my brother’s friend, he asked me about going to Grotto at Cyprus, Tobermory, it’s a lake, that was my first time swimming in a non-salty water other than pool, feels so refreshing and, bland…uh.. but yea, he mentioned about there are gonna be cliffs where you can jump from there, so I instantly say yes cause I always always always wanna do it. There were about nine people going there, all of them were my brother’s friends, so me and my brother went yeah.

It was a long drive to get there, the estimated time at first was 4-5 hours, but we stopped more than we planned so we arrived around 3pm, we left house at 8am-ish. As soon as we arrived there, the lady who work there told us that the parking was full, we were all pissed, she told us to go to other lake nearby, so we did, after we found out the other lake isn’t for swimming, more for canoeing or so. One of us talked to other lady who work there and said the parking status should be updated every couple minutes so we might get a chance to get in, she was right, we went back and there were spots. AWESOME. Everyone was so excited, it was a pretty chilly day, the water felt refreshing and we were a bit freezing too. But all that worth it at the end. Here are the pictures, awesome views and experience. Hope to go there again next summer!



Here are some Photoshop fix/retouch I did, I love retouching/editing photos. Some people doesn’t like it and say that being a good photographer is being able to take good pictures without editing. A photographer/site I read says, taking picture itself is only 50% of the process of making a good photographs. Even SLR cameras, people need to develop and ‘edit’ it first so they can come up with a photo they want. It’s just a matter of plane, digital or traditional.

Stitching photos is fun! No dogs were harmed during the stitching!

Still on my bucket list:

– bungee jumping

– world travelling (at least 20 countries)

.. yeah, I don’t really have much, but I’m working hard towards the world traveling lol.


Gonna update with more photos soon, I still have some photos from hunt that I haven’t touch yet : [ Just downloaded some games, now I have to play them all, haha..