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Clumsy week, clumsy week, I always am clumsy from the beginning, I remember mom used to scold me because of my clumsiness. I fell from bike almost every week, loosing things, dropped stuff, breaking this and that, it’s my nature being curious, followed by clumsiness. I tried to become more careful after I realize it’s not about the things that I loose/break but it’s about responsibilities to take care of them, it was all went well until…. last week.

I’m not sure what happened to me, my mind seems scattered lately. It was all starts from last Thursday when I realize I didn’t bring my wallet to school, or so I thought, on the Saturday I was looking for it at home since I was going to  go somewhere but I couldn’t find it. I realize I loose my wallet at that point. One Monday the school starts, I asked the school security and seemed they don’t have it, I blocked my banking cards and all at the night.

The following day I was running for my bus from school, I didn’t realize I dropped my keys with my Presto card tagged on them, I met a friend that I usually go home with at the bus stop and I thought it was the last bus that went back so as soon as I realize I didn’t have my bus pass card I just paid cash, at that moment I thought I left my keys in my friend’s car.. so I texted him to pick it up and give it to me at the next day.

None, he said. Great. Lost keys and bus card! Thank of the good guy that found it and gave it to the security I managed to get it back thought 2 days after I lost it. The funny thing, at the same day I found it, I almost lost it again at the bus on my way home, a friend that was on the same bus picked it up and gave it to me before I get off of the bus HAHA.

The day after I didn’t loose anything, but I left my earphone at school, my buddy kept it for me.. and lastly, just happened yesterday before going to school screening I was on my psp til a friend asked me help for assignment… and I realized I was late for the screening. After the screening, a friend told me from FaceBook that she got my psp cause I left it at the studio..

Seriously, once or twice is normal, but this happened 4 times in a row and all happened in one week. Not sure if it’s just my concentration or am I cursed or something. It seems nothing loosing things like this but it stressed me out at some point. Plus it gives me a hassle to replace all the stuff I lost. I really hope everything got better next week..

For the ranting, here, a digital paint I did for my layout class, Big and Small. The fly was a man at first until a friend saw me working on this and he suggested changing him into a fly.. yep.