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Just took a few photos : )

How’s your day people?
My day’s being well, we have 4 days of holiday, refreshing! xD
And 2 of it I got violin course yay! With a new teacher, better.
My dad said he want to buy me a new violin later *___*

And, my dog, Beef just got his ear cutted xD
he looks so damn cool right now, like a real pitbull lol~

Again, my deviantArt subscription’s expire and I’m drawing a fanart for it, so somebody will buy me ;__; so sad, well, the difference is not too big now but still, subs’s the best for me.
I draw very recently lately, I bought an A3 size canvas too, but I haven’t sketch on it, my head feels empty now o.o sooo, I just randomly lookin’ around at people’s sketch blogs, they’re awesome * 3*

well, well, gotta go now, tell me how’s your day going on lately, I’d love to hear it 83