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Canon 500D – Do you see the moon?

Hello boys and girls. Finally I got a spare time for posting, my exam schedule become much much more worse. They put exams in the middle of exams blahblah man, what a disaster! But gladly I can still manage taking photos, even just for a few hours on a week, boo.

Heres a shot I took last night. Actually the flowers are all fake. I took it in dark, literally, it was at 23.00-ish; 6 seconds of shutter speed. I didn’t expect to become like this, but it’s editable and well, here it is. My style of photography has been slowly changed. I browse more of contemporary photographs lately and I like it. I got the influence now, even if you don’t think so, but the photos I’ve took looks more flexible nowadays. I’ll keep practicing on this one!

On the same page and the same post, sketches!

Super Cat!

Bufa’s in Love

Random doodle I did on class. Doodling prevents sleeping in the class you know!~