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Yoo, another quick post, in the middle of business of school, and basketball, these past weeks basketball is crazy, I probably played about 5 days in a week, I don’t know where I got the time. But yah, characters, I was gonna color this but haven’t got the time yet (haha, liar). This is the latest character design assignment, character in contrast. What’s more contrast than an angry sick girl and a happy crazy old nurse? Guess where I got the inspiration from? Lol. Ever since I was in the hospital last couple of months, I always have the picture drawing character with an IV pole, did it 😉 and no, my nurse wasn’t as crazy, don’t worry.

And this is the last Mustang interior studies from layout class, the teacher likes it, he told me to clean it and tone it whenever I got the chance, I’ll probably do what he said..when I got the time. I’ll make some haha.

Yup, yup, yup, I’ll see if I can do tonals of all the interiors plus colored characters on the next post or it’ll be another 3D animation. Enjoy! :)