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Okay, this will be a quick one. I just finished putting up life drawing portfolio today, YEYEYE, last assignment for that class. Haven’t been really focusing on it this year since I’m trying to switch my focus on animation and 3D modelling. Even though, I was flipping through my old portfolio for life drawing, I thought.. ‘Oh, I was…..shit..’ that’s how you know you’re improving, slightly.

Here we go.

One minutes..




And tens..

I didn’t expect that I’d have quite a number of costumes ones.

Ooh, and here’s Zero in 3D 

It’s just a default turntable from Mudbox..  OTL IDK HOW TO LIGHT HENCE…Hence…. ok, here, a picture.

Doing another model right now, a creature. Gonna try to use ZBrush instead of Mudbox.


Weeheeee~ 2 weeks left.. I’m burned.