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:)))) I reaaallly really can’t wait for this summer. I’m sick of the cold and snow already, I’m usually more of a cold person but this year, I’ve had enough of this, the winter is getting out of control here in Canada. Sigh. I feel the burn out from school too, having stuff on the side of school do helps me keep my sanity. WHOO. THREE. FRIKING. WEEKS. LEFT. Hang in there kiddo.

So, I should stop lazing around on blogging and update 1203348 stuff all at once. Self-discipline, where are you. I wish I have a good reason for this. But here, better than nothing!

Latest animation I did, it’s a muzzle sync. Animating is fun. I’m not even in my sarcastic mode now, I, really do, like it.

MuzzleSync by bakkanekko from Bakkanekko on Vimeo.


And this is from painting class, graphic style.


And from layout class. We’re currently doing western stuff, so, stagecoach.

Super rough, I didn’t have time for these so I gotta rush it. I’m gonna practice drawing more of this thing whenever I got the time.

And yeah, wanted to post something from my character class and I just realize I didn’t put it on my harddrive. Fail. I’ll update those with my 3D character. WOOOO YEAAA You read thaatt, character in 3D WOOO. Lol, yeah, I made Zero as my model. If any of you guys remember.

This finnee llaaddd.

Ok I should stop.


I’ll.. see ya in the next post!