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Hang in there guys. Still got some painting, layout and 3D stuff to finish before the school ends. Ma-nage-a-ble.

Here are some stuff that I should’ve uploaded with the other old posts but I keep forgetting, I’ll make sure to list everything down of what I should update next time cause I keep forgetting.

The last character assignment, character in sequence, using existing original character. This was the nurse that I made for the  contrasting character. Probably gonna color it once the school is over.

Last animation assignment, beak sync. He’s suppose to having a dialogue with the Squirrel I animated for my last sync, I’ll combined it. This one looks much more better rendering wise cause I was using MentalRay, it takes a long ass time to render but it’s always worth that time. I swear I won’t render any of my animation with Maya software anymore except I rush my animation.. I hate how it turns out usually.

Beak Sync from Bakkanekko on Vimeo.


Link! Yey, a personal/outside of school stuff, for once lol. Made it for a good friend, for his birthday last month, he’s a fan of the game, Zelda. I printed it out on a somewhat poster size. It’s kind of late to update it but yah, cause I don’t really do personal in a while hence I forgot I had this haha..