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So yeah, as what the title says..

This winter break was actually really relaxing for me, I was pretty active on the first couple of weeks, I went to London, Ontario to visit one of my good friend. I was excited for hunting pictures out of Oakville or Toronto, we walked to a pretty big park for probably an hour just to get there, mind you it’s winter here in Canada, it was haling pretty bad too, every time I put out my hands outside my pocket, they freeze in a blink, it was pain in the ass but that’s the exciting part about hunting. I was just concerning bout my camera since it’s not the best quality to shoot in the winter and it’s almost 6 years old.. time to change gear but I’ll work with what I have for now. We went to a couple more parks after in the last 2 days, the places were MAGICAL I’m telling you. I can’t wait to do a get away again, hopefully this summer I can visit Ottawa to hunt for more.


Panoramas were taken with Nexus 5

Next update will be a bunch of pictures too since I forgot I went to another one before this hahahha oh me..

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