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Done all the portfolio! I thought I’d have more spare time, I had it just for a while and now I’m back to my workaholic mode. New network/friends and more fun stuff to do. New stuff. This is what I’m talking about.

Tell me ignorant or whatever cause I saw videos about the controversy behind this but I already made them, so, hah. For the other stickers, the bunny with tied up ears is my new character, enough said.

Aside from that, there are pretty much thing going on this week, which is pretty cool, I love having a packed week. I went to an art exhibition called The Artist Project last week with friends. It was the first time I went to an art exhibition, I didn’t know it’ll be that intense. Full of inspiration and every artists gave us tips and tricks how to draw or make effects and stuff, awesome day.

Had fun, had fun. Also did a couple more commissions this week. It’s always open guys!

Another piece from life drawing class. Life drawing is not my fave class anymore since the project becomes more tedious and more time consuming lol. This is like the last piece I enjoy from the class..sadly.

Another one is another version of the beef I made on the post before this one.

It’s painted in gouache on illustration board. Pretty small size, I like this assignment, I always had chances to do my own style and new technique in this class, 2D. A stencil-like painting. The color here a got a little bit off cause of the lightning, the reds looks more pink. Sigh.

Til the next update! Stay tune guys! Peace out!