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*Drumrolls, daaadadararadadaaa…*

Tools: Sai, edited in Photoshop Cs3

Jonathan Rhyms Meyer! 😀 yes, him.
Even it’s not looks a like well, I tell you, it’s him.

So, lately, I’m drawing like hell, sketch every second I can, read tutorials and articles about digital paintings, colors, looking at CG artist’s galleries on deviantart and now I got to got plenty of practice.

Lol, and my title up there, yes, draw like no tomorrow, it’s the only way you’ll get better in no time. Not only draw, do you passion, like there’s no tomorrow!

Beside art, nothing much happening these days in my life, I really got quiet time at home. Sleep, eat, draw, games, internet, until rot, heaven. Good thing will come though, like the school’s starting this Monday, yay! Friends, yes I have friends!

Riiiight.. I’ll make sure I’m posting something up next week, means, new drawing.
By the way, ‘How’s everybody going there?’ ;D

And oh guys.. seriously, German lost the game, I hope they’ll got the 3rd place :(