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Quick update, reading week just over, I did three all nighters during reading week just working on assignments.. reading week, how funny, more like dying week. It was fun though, still seeing friends almost everyday is probably one of the reason that keeps me alive at school.

So, just submit my painting stuff earlier this day, skipping elective and had a couple of hours of sleep just to finish them ;_; here we go.

I realize most of the people are doing concept art or fantasy or something more to realistic style. I don’t have time for that and I’m not comfortable yet doing it, still need practice and experiment. Since painting mark is really difficult to get I went with more graphic/illustrated style. Ugh.. paintings.. OTL

And here’s my latest animation, we had to do a rotation, lip sync and expression changes to an existing character…

Yeyeye, Shiro from Tekkon Kinkreet. Guess what am I doing for my story board assignment?? Kuro’s first fighting scene with the yakuzas! 8D ahahaha

I hurt my back cause of painting on the floor /dumbme/