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A Photography Club!

I’ve been in a Photography Club for a couple of weeks now, my English Institute held it every weekend. The last assignment was about Abstract in Motion, we can do like stop motions, panning, long shutter speed photos. These are what I took.

The model is my brother :)

I asked him to dressed up and jump for me, from a chair hahah..  And those shadows things, is Photoshoped. We had a lot of fun taking these.

A little behind the scene :)

Yes, he is super silly! And original photos of both I used for the assignment are..


Time’s getting faster! I’m going to go on a vacation with my family and another family, we’re going to Batu Raden and that means, more photos are coming! I might filled the blog with more photos than drawing for this holiday :’D

Oh, and also I’m having a photo-session again at the 9th of June, so, better look forward to it! Cause I’m super excited for that.