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Greetings! It’s been a while since the last update, so much stuff going on in life, school I mean, I don’t have any life. It’s in the middle of January which means everybody ‘s getting busy preparing their portfolio for February, animation, illustration, photography and other programs. Since the new semester started, I find out that school assignments are more fun to do, I’m looking forward them all. The thing is, I myself preparing three portfolios at the same time and doing all assignments, killing my brain and mood since these past weeks. Last night finally get a ‘fresh air’ to release all these craps in my head. I was doing 10 free sketches of my friends on Facebook.

Me and sis got a package from mom yesterday, she sent us a bunch of erasers, cause they don’t have this kind of quality of erasers here, leggings, my old sketchbook and Franz Franzzeta art book. I don’t know why am I bragging bout this but yea.

I’ve been pen hatching a lot lately, here are some stuff from two or three weeks ago. Didn’t really had the time to scan them.


Excuse the little notes on the side.

A practice, I love drawing hands.

We’re eating rice and fish tonight, have a good weekend ya all!