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So so, haven’t been drawing for a while, which makes me a little feel bad. For that, I’m going to feature some of my favorite artist at this time.

As you see on the Title, today’s feature is gonna be lot and lot of graffiti style. Let’s just get to the point shall we? Oh, it’ll be local artists whose I’m gonna featuring this time.


The creative artist/designer from Indonesia. His works are really caught my eyes, so eye catching. Clean lines and colorful pieces made me fall for his art at the first glance. He does many things, from hand drawn, vector, even plushies. Time to refresh those eyes of yours with Mulo’s unique style!


FOR REAL, THIS IS IN INDONESIA?? NEVER SAW SUCH AWESOME GRAFFITI LIKE THIS BEFORE!! That’s what thought at the first time I saw their works. Details and black and white, with unique style of graffiti GAH, can’t say anything no more.

Hope you all enjoy their works as I do :) feel free to check their blogs out!

I’m going to have Mid Term test for a week, start from tomorrow. Wish you who have to face the same thing big luck!