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Vincent Valentine and Zidane Tribal from Final Fantasy

A fan art for Final Fantasy!
I miss you guys, I was looking for the right time to post this, but PC problem, school and life get in the way lol xD finally!

Yea I’m not being very productive lately. But a little share this time. This week is the last week for my sister to be here with us in Indonesia :) She’s going to Toronto, Canada this end of August. Dang. I’m the one who excited haha..

Okay, so I’m just trying to focus with my study for this last year of school nowadays.
I hope I can do this, and for you the 3rd graders out there, good luck for you too! Let’s fight together 😀

Lately, I’m in love with typography and Interior Design, I Google them for days and I really enjoy it.
This is what I drew, a typo doodle during class!

Bad handwriting, I know, shut up; lol~ My drawings are like twice better hahaha..