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What’s up!
I got a full week holiday cause the 3rd grade are having national exam, and they don’t want us to disturb them, yay! Good luck for the 3rd graders, you can do it!
Today’s my first HipHop performance. It was for the dance school promotion. It went really well actually, I wasn’t nervous at all hahaha, I wonder why.
The dancer were from HipHop beginner (yea, I’m in beginner, still),  HipHop intermediate, and Sexy Jazz.
It was more ‘class performance’. I have my own team, 4 people, that’s the real one, we’ll perform later on 28th April.
Jessica Stage Family

I’m reading this Indonesian blog at this time called Kambing Jantan. He’s a great local blogger and a comedy writer, I bought his booked blog last week and I really enjoy reading it. Actually I’m toooooo freakin late for this, many people talk about him and his blog and book long time ago, but I was never interested with local things >__> But I curious, *shrug* now I read his blog gah! Awesome writing he does, love love love. Too bad he doesn’t write in English ^_^; I’m going to buy his book more later.


Oh, now’s pretty late here when I post this, I don’t have the time and also too tired to scan my new sketch now *kicked*. Tomorrow! You can wait for it!


FFfffffff… I got lot of biology assignment wth!