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For real, I thought it’s 2012 already wow, did I just back from time warp or something?? Yes, yes, happy new year to you too! I hope you have fun, some of you make new year resolution and plans, I hope goes well. I myself can’t wait for this year, to graduate, exactly. Getting ready for the final exams, and college things, new things for me and the other 3rd graders. Wow, let’s fight together!

New year celebration, I just having feast and drinks at home, my grandma and aunt come, we spent time together..awwwwh….yea. I also took picture of firework that can seen from the roof lol. No, we didn’t bought them cause we thought it’d be like, burning the money, I mean, it’s not a problem if we’re like Richy Rich family lol. Okay, here are a bunch of the photos.

How bout your new year?? DO you celebrate it?

Happy new year! 2012..2011! Here I come!!