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Woah, almost a month I had abandoned this blog, not like it’s the first time, but.. pretty bad. A lot of things happened.  And I mean, a LOT. School always keeps me occupied, the assignments in this year though, much much much more fun compare to first year. We’re doing more acting and pre-production stuff rather than practicing technical drawings or animation. Also we’re learning animating in Maya starting from the 3rd term straight, unlike the last year they started on the 4th term, and we got to choose to do our animation assignments on Maya too. The next animation assignment that I’m doing will be on Maya, gonna be pain in the ass but won’t kill to try it out.

Last week, week 5, for full 8 days I was hospitalized cause of my internal bleeding. I bled, hardcore, inside. No, it’s not because of overwork or anything, it’s just something that I always carry inside, it’s complicated and I don’t want to explain it here. Bleh. It was my third time being hospitalized already, I think I’m starting to get used to it now. I thought it was one of my shittiest moment in my life but, ironically it wasn’t, I saw how my friends were so caring, GAH *sniff*, they helped me alot through out those boring days in  hospital.. and also my sister and brother who visited a lot and entertain me, even my dad flew all the way from Indonesia, now he’s staying for the whole month (Yey for more groceries, food and company lol). I feel really thankful to everyone that visited and worried about me, sorry bout that, unfortunatelly I’m so good at that. But yah, what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger they said. Now I’m just trying to catch up on my works and assignments, and I think I’m in a good shape at the moment.

Work wise, I don’t have a lot to show as last year, last year I went life drawing almost every night, now, HAHA, it’ll be a miracle if I go. Not that I’m lazy or anything (well, that too..) but I mostly spend my time doing my assignments and studies. Hopefully next term I’ll be able to go more often, I have too.. But hey, here, something fresh and new! Story board! I actually enjoying this.. hope you do!



From both story beats, I picked the last one (My Father) to get into the story boards.


I’ll post my character design stuff or animation for the next post. Ciao!