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Back with a new character, and under the Sheridan blog as I told you last time. First week of school just pass, all classes so far so good, I know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the semester already based on what I saw last year and bits of information teachers gave. I had a great week too, met friends and new people, catching up here and there; had been playing basketball intensely 3 days in a row, hence my body feels so sore the whole day today, it’s crazy, I can’t do much at home, so hopeless. Though I still managed going to library to pick up some books for the rest of the month, I don’t even know if I have the time to read them all.

I got this book called ‘The Bang Bang Club’, I’ve heard of it, I’ve watched the movie, I always interested in this story since I’m a big fan of National Geography’s photography, and one of the photo that’s in the movie/book is one of of the most controversial photo ever that got into Nat Geo’s cover once. I also got books about secret symbols around the world ond one other about Masonic Symbols. Having read ‘The Lost Symbol’ by Dan Brown got me into these stuff. I love all stuff related to world symbols, religions, secrets, science which his novels have them all. And of course I got a couple of books of recipes and foods, lol. What am I doing now starting to blog these books, let’s get into the main point here.

New character!

My first boy character, I haven’t got him a name yet, it’s the hardest part of making a character.. deciding their names. Trying not to be generic and corny at the same time haha.. Before commenting on the technical stuff, especially the poor rotation, this is not a final at all, all sketches were drawn on different pages without lining and measuring properly so yeah they’re all off, I know where the mistakes, I can see them all. There.

This character is actually made for character design class, I know this is my chance to try different style on my character, so he’s one. I’m still developing him, but not gonna change him that much, the style’s simple and clean, remind me a bit of Gorillaz after I finished drawing him. Shrug, I love Gorillaz style.

Looking forward to life drawings that starts tomorrow, sleepless nights, cold weather and school lunches, here I go!