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Those two photos were taken by me this evening.

So, I’m thinking about FUTURE PLANS.
Many of my friends still cannot decide what they want to be in the future. Also, they didn’t know what are they hobbies! Isn’t bad? Of course! I can’t imagine people school, take courses, browsing, learning, without any goals!

Future plans doesn’t have to be like, “owh, owh, I wanna be doctor, pilot, etc” no no no… It’s tooooooo far, just plan what do you want to achieve like for this week, I don’t want to spent my time a lot infront of TV, THAT MEAN, do something useful in your time, don’t go infront of your PC and watch YouTube, it’s just the same.

Well, what am I trying to say here is, people, COME ON, don’t you know what your self wanted? Just think of this, you school, you learn, without any goals, what for? Just make a little plans so you have dreams to reach.

How bout me? I have many plans in life, here’s a few of my list:

> I want to be a designer
> I want to have a pro-camera (see? easy isn’t it?)
> I want to be famous on the internet
> I want to more on my drawings
> I want to school abroad, take a music or art school
> I want to earn a lot of moneys by my hard work
> I want to go to Japan one day
> I want my day is filled with 48 hours, not 24, OK, that’s a joke

So.. how bout you?
Tell me about your future plans? :)