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From where?

Where else?



No, for real, I was in the hospital again for almost the whole week last week, and I missed another busy week of school after finally I caught up with the other ones haha.. crazy. I’m not that far behind right now though, everything is gooodd, it’s just a bit stressing me having all of these health stuff piling on top of school and all. Priority, I know, it’s tiring. Everything is not done yet, needs time but, hopefully everything goes smooth along the way.

*Cracks bones* Okay, here are some stuff I did in past couple of days, it’s another layout assignments, we actually got a couple big projects like this but I wasn’t into the older theme so I kinda half assed them, hence I never upload them ahha.. I go all the way for these cause it’s fun, here ya go.

If you’re following most of my posts, you probably find this familiar, that’s because I drew it based on a photograph I took in downtown during the summer. Laundry place!

Putting text and black frames just like in da movies. Got inspiration from Alexandre Zedig

Some people asked me how did I come up with the colors, I used lots and lots of reference. I think tonally first, where the darkest shadow would be, and the light source, I usually look at black and white photographs for these (I have hell lots of reference of artworks and photographs, it’s usefull). And after that I kind of know what kind of mood or colors I want to use, most of the color mood I use for my pieces are warm, red-ish, or orangey washed, (I love red, that’s why).

Take mental notes of everything you like in real life, whenever I see the sky outside, I like it when it’s turning from a color to another color and they mix together. I like to see the vibrant colors of the trees during fall. The orange sun shines on the wall early in the morning. Cold grey cloudy sky. The colors of earth. City’s lights during night time. Lights reflections in the puddles. Cotton candies. Start to notice your surroundings, they make great color palette too and we are all used to seeing them in daily basis. Browse National Geography’s photographs, or even fashion magazines, look how they combine colors. But just be conscious about it.

After I know what roughly I want your piece looks like, and how the colors are, then I go to my art folder and see if there’s anything that have similar colors as the one I have in mind. Knowing what you want saves a lot of time in looking for a specific reference rather than looking 234098 images blindly but you don’t know what you want, you might like the colors on the reference that you pick, it looks nice, but it might not fit your drawings.

Anyway, back then before I wasn’t in art school, I always thought I love coloring, I’m good at it and it’s easy for me.. guess what? My mind changed completely, after you learn about colors, coloring is actually a bitch, it’s fun, but, bitch, it’s hard. Same as drawing, I feel like the more you learn, the more you realize that you don’t know anything.. I guess that’s the point in learning..? Haha

I’m gonna render my 3D animation today, hopefully I can get it uploaded on the next post. Chaw for now!