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Weird title, but it is literally hands and feet. It was one of the assignment I got from my life drawing class, so yeah, here we go.

And we had a life drawing portfolio as well, I brought a bunch extras for the teacher to see and I’m pretty sure he wanted to kill me back then, he let me off just cause it was our first portfolio.

Kay, starting from next week is the spring break. Reading week! Finally! I’ve been looking forward to this week, although I know I’m probably still gonna be around the school for most of the day to do my assignments, but at least no more waking up at 5.30 am dead tired to go to school. YES. Gonna have a little photoshoot too on Monday so, I hope it turns out okay. Look forward to the photos on the next post.

Keeping it short and packed for tonight, til the next one, have a good spring break for you who have one, hehe~